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About us

You need to know that your training day will suit your needs and how your vehicle can be used safely and to its full potential. There are many variations in the type of 4WD trainers. Your trainer will not only have good classroom delivery skills, he will also, have a good practical knowledge of the bush and the beach, your vehicle, and you as the driver.

Greg Hyde, training coordinater of QLD Off-Road Driver Training, has been a professional fire and rescue driver for many years. He has first hand knowledge of the benefits of effective driver training, with a keen interest in bush travel and all things country. Some twelve years ago, Greg joined Duncans Off-Road Driver Training, delivering 4WD training programs specific to the needs of the clients: e.g. Pasminco, BHP, DPI, DNR & M, Ergon, CQU QR etc. Greg has gained considerable experience in delivering effective training in what you, the operater, will need to know in off-road travel.

Greg has been highly praised for his genuine caring approach to the needs of his participants and has received letters of recommendation from companies and individuals. Expertise, maturity and humility are the necessary ingredients of a first-rate trainer. QLD Off-Road Training courses offer just that. You are guaranteed that you will get a great deal out of the day and your investment in the 4WD training course will continue to reap benefits for many years to come.


Training courses

Courses available to provide you with a better understanding of your 4WD and a knowledge of all terrains. Whether you are a novice or advanced driver you can always enhance your off-road driving skills.

Training dates

See all available training dates for all courses on offer.

Corporate training

Courses are competency based and therefore provide increased flexibility in the delivery of training thus catering to participants with various levels of prior skills.