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In South East Queensland we have some wonderful beaches that are accessible by 4WD. Driving on sand can be dangerous, if you lack the knowledge needed to travel safely. This half day course will provide you with the confidence and the ability to travel safely on sand whether on the beach or in the desert.

So why not come along for this half day course and spend the rest of the day on the beach feeling confident in yourself and your vehicle.

Why attend?

Whether you are a novice or someone who has been 4WDing for sometime, you can always enhance your “OFF ROAD” driving skills.

Course: Training– 4WD Driving
Description: Upon completion of this course you will have the knowledge and techniques required for safe sand 4WDing.
How much: $250.00 per Driver ***
Includes one passenger—optional- whom we encourage to drive. (Accredited Corporate Training p.o.a.)
Includes: Knowledge and understanding of how your 4WD works. Off road driving techniques. Basic recovery equipment demonstrations. Advice on equipping your vehicle.
You receive:
  • A Certificate of Attendance. 
  • Ongoing support and advice.
You bring:
  • Your own vehicle.
  • Adequate drinking water.
  • Morning tea 
  • A light lunch and
  • A Folding chair.

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